How Do You Troubleshoot A "Webroot Server Error" Manually?

Many antiviruses and security software are available on the market that promise complete protection against malware, viruses, and other suspicious activity. Users often have difficulty choosing the right antivirus for their device. Webroot antivirus setup is recommended for those who are facing the same problem and have difficulty choosing the right antivirus. Webroot antivirus is widely trusted and used around the world. Webroot antivirus can be downloaded from the official website

Webroot antivirus has gained trust from millions of users. However, Webroot antivirus does have its flaws. This defect is called "Server Error". A message will appear on your screen and you will be forced to close the program. This is the most annoying error that frustrates users.

This error can cause you to lose your work files and create a frustrating situation that renders users helpless. This article will show you how to fix the "Webroot server error".

Step-by-step Procedure to Fix Webroot Server Error (for Windows users)

If you have the Webroot Server Error and are a Windows user, you can follow these steps:

Launch the Webroot app in the first step.

Next, click on the notification area. Click on the "Webroot” icon.

You will need to click the "Run” option for Live Update in this step.

After your "Live Update", you will need to click the "OK" button.

Run the "Live Update" button until you see the message "Your Webroot product has received the most recent protection updates".

You must restart your computer after you complete the previous steps. Before you restart your system, make sure that you have closed all programs.

Notice - If you have any problems following the above steps, please visit and get in touch to the customer service.

Steps to Fix "Webroot- Server Error" (for Mac OS users).

If you have the "Webroot Server Error" error and are Mac OS users, you can follow these steps:

You must first remove the Mac license.

To do this, sign in to Webroot and then go to the device security page.

Select the Mac device you wish to delete and click OK.

To remove the confirmation window from the device, click on "Remove" and then click "Done" to complete the process.

Click on the button to activate Webroot

Follow the on-screen instructions to activate the device.


To fix the "Webroot-Server Error", follow these steps. If you still have trouble fixing the error, you can visit Webroot's official website and connect to Customer Support via live chat or toll-free number.


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