Uninstall Webroot Antivirus With Webroot Removal Tool from Windows And Mac


Sometimes, the user cannot be able to uninstall Webroot fully from their device. Hence, in this blog you will read the method to uninstall Webroot antivirus with Webrootremoval tool from Window and Mac. To know more about Webroot, go to www.webroot.com/safe.

Uninstall Webroot through Webroot Removal Tool:

For this, first you have to go to your menu and then visit to the programs. After this, tap on start and then in the search box you should write- “Uninstall a program”. For Window 8 and Window 10, press the windows and X key altogether and then menu will appear such as the WinX menu. Here in the options which is listed in the menu, you should tap on the option of ‘programs and features and then follow the steps and then type “Uninstall a program” to move further. If you have done for the windows, then you will see the options and then find and click on the Webroot secure anywhere option. At last, the process of uninstallation of webroot will begin.

Uninstall Webroot through System Restore:

For this, first you have to create a system restore created before the installation of webroot. When you back up all the important files and data then you should restore your system back to the previous condition in order to create a fresh slate. For this, you should go to the properties and then tap on the icon in the options such as System protection. If you click on it, then window will open which says “System restore”. Now, you should click on it and then a window shows you a restoring system files and settings. Here, there are two options that is restoration or choose a different restore. Now, you should tap on the option choose a different restore and then hit on next. Then, the window will pop up which gives you different sets of dates and times. Just tap on the date where the installation of Webroot was done. When you download the programs, software, or applications, then the date should be reinstalled as it could be removed or might get stop functioning. At last, tap on done or finish and then confirm it if reconfirmation window pops up.

Uninstall Webroot from Safe Mode:

If you want to uninstall Webroot from mac, then first start the mac in a safe mode. For this, you should start Mac and then hold the shift key, then the apple logo appears. Now, the login window pop up on your screen. You must have the 20character key with you because if it ask for the process of webroot endpoint removal. If your mac computer has been started in a safe mode, then go to the menu bar and just tap on the webroot option. After this, choose the option in order to shut it down just by hitting on shut down secure anywhere. Now, go to applications and then tap on the webroot secure anywhere program in order to drag it to the trash icon. If a window asks for confirmation, then continue with it and complete the process of uninstallation. At last, reboot the Mac computer.

Tap on this link: https://web-rootsafe.com/news-and-update/logitech-keyboard/if-logitech-keyboard-not-working-how-to-resolve-it-with-webroot/

Through this process, you can uninstall Webroot through Webroot removal tool from Window and Mac. For installing Webroot, tap on the official site www.webroot.com/safe.


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