Why Do You Need Both? Webroot Antivirus and Firewall

It can cause significant data loss, infect devices sharing the same network or via USB, gain complete control over the system, steal confidential bank details or customer data, and cause irreversible damage.

Emails are the most common way to spread malware and viruses.

Many of our jobs require us to search online. The more searches you do, the greater the chance of clicking on malicious links that could infect your system within minutes.

There are also common agents such as CD, DVD and flash drives, which can spread viruses easily. All operating systems should be protected, including laptops and PCs. Here firewall and antivirus are crucial. Are you confused about the differences between antivirus and firewall? Or, why do you need both? Chat support at Webroot will clarify the confusion for you today. Continue reading to learn more.

What is the difference between antivirus and firewall? Www.webroot.com/safe


Pre-downloaded network security devices that are so important firewalls can be found on computers. They can allow or deny traffic flow through the internet to a private or corporate network.

All communication must pass through the firewall. Only traffic that is defined in security policy can be allowed in the network, and all other traffic will be denied.

Notifications that a firewall is active are not sent to you. It will scan all network information to find anything unusual.

It will search for all traffic and network connections to find safe web material.


Antivirus provides security at the file level. Antivirus will scan every file and refer it to its database of known viruses. It will match the file and repair, quarantine, or delete it.

It monitors the execution of each program and flags suspicious activity (embeds code to identify it) if it detects that it is trying to modify operating system settings or write to a particular directory.

Webroot antivirus customers can call Webroot Support number to get the help they need in diagnosing or scanning their systems for viruses.

Why Would You Need both Webroot Antivirus and Firewall?

Your web browsing and internet connection are protected by the firewall. It doesn't require you to download anything. Even a click on an infected link can cause damage.

Firewall will prevent you from accessing content that could cause damage to the system. Firewall also stops viruses from accessing networks or devices.

The virus can spread in many other ways, too. The virus can spread via a CD, DVD or USB device, as well as any other device connected to the same network.

When we download important files, it can also be downloaded from an infected link. Antivirus software is essential for your safety.

All executable program files are checked before they can be entered into a system. All files that match the signature are considered 'viruses'.

Only the files that are not known to be in use by Defense+Sandbox are selected. They are then allowed to run in a controlled environment. The good files are added the Whitelist, while the rest go to the Comodo labs to be analysed.

Every day, more than 60 000 new malware attacks the cyberworld. To combat more advanced malware, it is crucial to update your antivirus regularly.

Webroot antivirus support assists Webroot antivirus users in installing the most recent updates and upgrades to their Webroot anti-virus software.


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