How Do You Register In Webroot Identity Theft Protection?

You can Register Webroot Identity Theft Protection - Webroot Identity Theft Protection is a stand-alone software service developed and distributed by Webroot. You can sign up for Webroot Identity Theft Protection when you purchase every Webroot subscription. To obtain the Webroot Identity Theft Protection, you must go through the following three steps:

Join in Webroot Identity Theft Protection

Log into the Identity Protection account. Identity Protection account

Set your preferences

We will give detailed information on these steps to register Webroot for Identity Theft Protection. Also, you can visit for immediate assistance or call us on the toll-free number to get Webroot Support.

Check Webroot Identity Theft Protection Eligibility

You're using the Webroot subscription, which comes with the multi-device licence.

The Auto-Renewal feature for your Webroot subscriptions is on.

If you meet both of the above requirements, then you are able to proceed into the section to Register the Webroot Identity Theft Protection. If not, Webroot Identity Theft Protection will not work with your device.

How To Enroll With Webroot Identity Theft Protection?

The method we're going to apply is to use as our Account. There are other options to try to get more information, just call Webroot Support.

Start a browser on the internet that you prefer and go to

Go to My Account, then select Sign In.

Enter your Webroot Login credentials, like your username or password. After that, click your Login button.

On your Webroot account Look for Access the Identity Theft Protection panel.

Click on the Get Started button. Access your identity security.

To enable for Webroot Identity Theft Protection, login to the email address you have on your account.

Check the latest email sent by Webroot. Then, use the email's details to enable Webroot Identity Theft Protection. Webroot Identity Theft Protection.

Sign the Licence Agreement and Privacy Notice Click Create Account.

Congratulations! You've registered for Webroot Identity Theft Protection. Continue to the next section to register successfully Webroot Identity Theft Protection.

How To Log In To Your Identity Protection Account?

Open a web browser of your choice and visit

Go to My Account, then select Sign In.

Enter your Webroot login credentials, including your username or password. After that, click on the Login button.

In your Webroot Account look for Access the Identity Theft Protection panel.

Click"Sign In" on the screen of your computer.

Enter your user ID and password. Click Sign In

You've also successfully signed in to Webroot Identity Theft Protection.

The only thing you need to do to register Webroot Identity Theft Protection is to alter the preferences for the account. Then the account is registered, you'll be able to use your Webroot Identity Theft Protection will be in utilize.


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